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Our Policies

We currently accept credit card payments! Please call 510-780-6761 to complete your purchase as a phone order and we will gladly process the payment.

Other payments accepted is: Paypal or bank wire transfer.

Shippodo tries upmost best to evaluate and conduct research in every item we display on our catalog. Antiques can be a very sensitive issue and understand the exact age or artist can be at times difficult. Your understanding is appreciated. Additionally, all questions should be asked prior to purchasing any items to prevent confusion and miscommunication.

All items are sold “AS IS”. Shippodo does not warrant any object to be merchantable or to be suited for any purpose and they do not assume any risk, liability or responsibility for any person as to authenticity, genuineness, culture, source, origin, attribution, period, purpose, or measurement of any object.

Due to a new wave of fraud and unfair business practices by clients, no returns will be accepted. All sales are final. Therefore, inspections, questions, additional images, and inquiries must be made prior to purchasing any object.
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