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Kacho-ga of Pigeon on Willow attr. Unkoku Toeki
category: Still Life (Kacho-ga)
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伝雲谷等益筆 (模本)萩 東光寺 大愚和尚

 Unkoku Toeki (1591-1644) the third master of the Unkoku school inherited the lineage from his elder brother, Toya due to his sudden death. Unkoku Toeki was famous for his landscape paintings and inheriting the distinct style Sesshu Toyo was known, which were the preferences of many of the lords throughout Japan during the late 16th onwards to the 18th century.

The piece is attributed to Unkoku Toeki but may have been a studio rendition in the style of Unkoku Toeki. The piece may have been painted around the mid to late 16th century, a few decades after Toeki's death.

The painting is inscribed by the 15th abbot of Tokoji the main temple that houses the graves of generations of the Mori family, the lord of the Choshu domain. Daigu (1738-1824) was born in Yanai, in southern part of the Choshu domain. Daigu was famous for reviving many of the old zen temples throughout the domain and his active missionary work throughout the region. The poem describes of the scene where the bird perched on the branch is awaiting for spring to arrive.

Scroll has been remounted in June 2011 by Yasumi Japanese Art Restoration of Honolulu, HI.

Scroll comes with an old box with inscriptions of the name of the painting and artist and information of the calligrapher who inscribed the poem.

Size: 197cm x 55cm or 77.56in x 21.65 in. Painting: 112cm x 39.5cm or 44.1 in x 15.5 in.

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