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Andersson Pottery Vase
Inquire   item #1263266

Anderson Pottery Vase

Attributing to Yangshao Culture (5000 BC-3000 BC) or a latter period

From a noted San Francisco Collection

The name for the potteries from the Yangshao culture, is from the Swedish archaeologist Johan Gunner Andersson. Archaeological surveys were done during the 1914-1924 period around the Gansu and Henan regions. Not only was the West fascinated with the new excavations and discoveries, but the Japanese, fascinated with the potteries and their context also... Click for details

Chinese Tea Dust Glaze Brush Washer
Inquire   item #1263266

Tea Dust Glaze Brush Washer

Late Qing to Republic Period

Size: Diameter 20.4 Height 5.5cm

The tea dust glaze appeared during the Qing dynasty, when different glazes and production in ceramic and porcelain reached new heights.

This brush washer was done in a glaze known as tea dust. No reign marks or seals are found on this piece.

Chinese Fluorite Censer with Stand
Inquire   item #1263263

Fluorite Stone Censer with Silver Wire Inlay Stand

Qing Dynasty ~ Republic Period

Size: Length 20.5 Width 14 Height 27 cm

During the period of the late Qing dynasty onwards to the Republic period, a high number of semi precious stone censers were being produced. One speculation was that it was meant for the rising markets in Japan and in the colonial regions around Asia. Not much documentation and research has been done about these types of censers but it is interesting to see an art... Click for details

Chinese Celadon Flat Bowl Incised Motif
Inquire   item #1263072

Flat Celadon Bowl with Incised Motif of Reeds and Geese

Yuan Dynasty or Later

Size: Diameter 17.2 cm Height 6 cm

Often the incised motifs are commonly seen with Dingyao wares or the famous white wares produced since the Song Dynasty. The Palace Museum of Taipei recently held an exhibition of Dingyao wares and extensively showed the different motifs, their origins, and which kiln or period each motif were associated with.

This bowl, though done in a pale celadon glaze contains a motif... Click for details

Antique Chinese Carved Agate Covered Container
Inquire   item #1263050

Carved Agate Lidded Container

Qing Dynasty-Republic Period

Size: Diameter 6.5 cm Height 4cm

A beautiful and subtle carved agate container with lotus flower motifs decorating the top of the lid. The transparent nature of the agate complements well with the design. There is a crack that is found on the corner area of the top lid, possible restoration work was done in its past.

Chinese Cinnabar Lacquer Vase
Inquire   item #1263049

Cinnabar Lacquer Vase

Qing Dynasty or Later

Size: Height 25.8 cm

A fine square or angular shaped cinnabar lacquer vase. The different faces of the vase is decorated with images of literati scholars posed in different landscapes. Surrounding the vase are floral motifs and other geometric patterns often seen in cinnabar lacquer carvings. Originally the vase may have been a pair at some point and was separated over the span of the centuries.

Qing Period Porcelain Lotus Motif Bowl
Inquire   item #1263009

Porcelain Lotus Flower Bowl with lotus motif

Qing Dynasty

Size: Diameter 13.8cm

Note: With Kangxi reign mark.

The technique of using cobalt blue along with red began with the development of the blue and white technology during the Ming dynasty. It was thought that the combination of the two in ceramics would be difficult and examples seen in the collecting of the Palace Museums in Beijing and Taipei show rare examples of exquisite techniques.

This bowl is interesting since the... Click for details

Rare Chinese White Ware Censer with Elephants
Inquire   item #1263008

White Ware Censer with Heads of Elephants

Republic Period

Size: Diameter 13 cm Height 20.5 cm

This odd and interesting censer retains two different expressions. The top or the main body of the censer is done in the traditional style often seen with ceramic and bronze censers dating from the Yuan Dynasty and onwards. The feet, a modern expression is using the heads and trunk of the elephant, which is never seen in traditional Chinese censers. Often feets of lions or a full animal would... Click for details

Large Ming Dynasty Celadon Censer
Inquire   item #1263007

Large Celadon Censer

Ming Dynasty

Size: Diameter 22.5cm Height 16cm

Note: From a prominent California Collection.

Celadon production increased during the Ming dynasty with the expansion of international trade during Emperor Yongle's time. Additionally, demand for celadons increased with neighboring countries like Japan, Phillipines, and Korea, producing a high number of celadons inspired from or using the same designs as what the Song artists produced.

This interesting large censer... Click for details

Republic Period Peach Blossom Glaze Small Vase
Inquire   item #1263006

Peach Blossom Glaze Small Vase

Republic Period

Size: Diameter 7.5 Height 9cm

A fine and small vase done in the style often referred to as "peach blossom" glaze. The glaze became popular as porcelain production increased during the years of Emperor Qianlong. The simple monochromes, possibly inspired from Song dynasty ceramic arts, with archaic or traditional ceramic designs were combined to create works of pure simplicity or enjoying the chemical reactions created from the kiln.

The vase... Click for details

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