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Netsuke of Ogre and Ghost in Box
Inquire   item #1330339

Netsuke of Ghosts on and in a Box

Edo to Meiji Periods

Signed Gyokusui?

Size: Length 0.875" Height 1.625"

From a large San Francisco estate of netsuke

Yami Makie Natsume Horinouchi Sokan Omotesenke
$1800   item #1330339

Natsume, Tea Caddy Done in the Yami Makie Style

Name: Yozakura (Evening Cherry Blossoms)

Box Inscription: Horinouchi Sokan, Kenchusai (1919-2015)

Artist: Tanaka Kenchi

Size: Diameter 7cm Height 5.5cm

Tanaka Kenchi is noteworthy lacquer artist from Kanazawa.

Chinese Scroll of Fan Paintings
$1350   item #1329903

Pair of Chinese Fan Paintings

Tao Qi and Pan Zhihua?

Qing Dynasty to early Republic Period

Length 161cm Width 58cm

From an estate with Chinese works of art.

Sino Tibetan Gilt Copper Fittings
Inquire   item #1329894

Sino-Tibetan Gilt Copper Fittings

19th-20th century

Size: Length 8cm

From a American collection of Chinese art.

Chinese Painting of Myrnas and Chrysanthemums
$600   item #1329887

Still Life of Myrnas and Chrysanthemum


Qing Dynasty

Length 201cm Width 61cm

From a collection of East Asian Art in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Set of Three Chinese Orchid Painting Fan Wei
$1500   item #1329885

Set of Three Orchid Paintings with Poems

Fan Wei 范煟(active late Qing)

Qing Dynasty to Republic Period

Size: Length 113cm Width 60cm

From a San Francisco Bay Area estate of Chinese antiques.

The artist was from the Szechuan region,skilled in Song style techniques in paintings and in poetry.

Bronze Elephant-Form Censer
$1200   item #1329826

Bronze Elephant Form

18th to 19th century

Size: Length 16.51cm Width 8.25cm Height 15.9cm

From a San Francisco estate of Chinese and Japanese art.

Japanese Lacquered Demon Ojime
Inquire   item #1329825

Demon Lacquered Ojime


Edo to Meiji Period

Size: Diameter 0.5" Height 0.75"

From a San Francisco Colletion of Netsuke.

Silver and Gold Makie Tea Caddy
$2000   item #1329699

Chrysanthemum and Palownia Makie Hira Natsume

Wada Kinsai

20th century

Size: Diameter 7.6cm Height 5.5cm

Comes with a tomobako.

Wada Kinsai is a makie artist based in Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Antique Japanese Netsuke of Skull
Inquire   item #1329366

Netsuke of a Skull

Artist Unknown

Size: Height 1.5" Width 1" Length 1.25"

From a large collection of netsuke in San Francisco.

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