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Silver and Gold Makie Tea Caddy
$2000   item #1329699

Chrysanthemum and Palownia Makie Hira Natsume

Wada Kinsai

20th century

Size: Diameter 7.6cm Height 5.5cm

Comes with a tomobako.

Wada Kinsai is a makie artist based in Yamanaka, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Chinese Agate or Jade Dish
Inquire   item #1329699

Chinese Jade or Agate Dish

Qing Dynasty to Republic Period

Size: Diameter 15.3cm

From a San Francisco estate of Chinese antiques.

Large Beijing Glass Snuff Bottle
Inquire   item #1329356

Large Beijing Glass Snuff Bottle

Qing to Republic Period

Size: 5" Height 2"Width 4"Length

From a San Francisco estate of Chinese antiques.

Pair of Chinese Quartz Quail Containers
Inquire   item #1329343

Pair of Quartz Quail Containers with Metal Inlay Hardwood Stands

Qing Dynasty to Republic

Size: Height 4.5" Width 3" Length 4.37"

From a collection of Chinese antiques of a San Francisco home.

One of the quartz containers has inclusions and cracks resulting from use.

Japanese Netsuke of Hagoromo Dancer
Inquire   item #1329339

Netsuke of Hagoromo (Bugaku dance)

Signed Shuzan

Edo Period

Size: Height 2" Width 1.5" Length 1"

From a collection of Japanese netsuke in San Francisco.

Clay was used for photographing purposes. No residue remains are on the piece.

Antique Japanese Netsuke of Tengu
Inquire   item #1329328

Netsuke of Tengu

Signed on the bottom.

Size: Height 1.25" Width 1.25" Length .75"

From a large collection of netsuke in San Francisco.

Black Raku Tsutsu Chawan
$180   item #1329181

Black Raku Cylindrical Tea Bowl (Tsutsu chawan)


Late 20th century

Size: Diameter 9.7cm Height 9.9cm

From a Japanese collection of tea objects.

Often black raku ware tea bowls are made into the standard forms as seen with earlier works seen from the late 16th century. This work emulates an example during the Edo period by a master from the Raku Kichizaemon lineage. The glassy look is distinct and has the marks from the pliers when removed from the kiln.

Meiji Period Lacquered Desk Box
  item #1329008

Lacquered Desk Box

Meiji Period

Size:Length 35cm Width 27cm Height 21cm

East Coast estate of Meiji Japanese arts.

Condition: The lacquer on the bottom part of the foot of the box is peeled and a corner of the box. A crack is seen on one of the panels of the lid and the hinges need new nails for reinforcement.

Meiji Satsuma Ware Haisen Hododa
$1100   item #1328888

Satsuma Ware Footed Haisen

Meiji Period

Satsuma Hododa

Size: Diameter 7" Height 4.5"

From a San Francisco Collection of Japanese antiques

Finely crafted with intricate work depicting luohans,various deities, and women engaged in leisurely activities. The bottom of the haisen contains the mark reading Satsuma Hododa and the maru ni ju no ji mark of the Shimazu from Satsuma.

Meiji Period Satsuma Ware Vase Meizan
$1200   item #1328887

Satsuma Ware Vase

Dai Nippon Meizando

Size: Height 10" Dimeter 4.5"

From a San Francisco Estate of Japanese antiques.

Overall Condition: No damages, cracks, or other issues found on the piece. Final inspection will be done prior to purchase.

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