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Chinese Agate Han Style Wine Cup
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Agate Han Style Wine Cup

19th century to 20th century

Size: Length 13cm Width 12.5cm Height 3cm

Originally, this form of shallow dish was produced during the Han dynasty. The Mawangdui excavations showed that the lacquer ware used were the oblong oval shaped dishes to serve wine. This piece is emulating that form using agate.

Green and Lavender Jade Belt Buckle
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Green and Lavender Jade Belt Buckle

19th-20th century

Size: Length 10cm Width 2cm Height 1.5cm

An interesting belt buckle with a blend of green and lavender jade. The buckle's head is formed as the head of the dragon and the body in the form of the ruyi. It is interesting that this buckle is done in the blend of green and lavender, where often these buckles are done in the refined colors.

Peking Glass Water Coup
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Peking Glass Water Coup

20th century

Size: Diameter 9.5 cm Height 6 cm

This interesting glass water coup is crafted from two layers of colored glass. The base layer being yellow and the top a dark purplish to black color. The body is carved with auspicious motifs such as butterflies, double coins, and the character for long life. The work is not signed or sealed.

Antique Ceramic Tea Pot Pine and Bamboo Motif
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Chinese Tea Pot with Pine and Bamboo Motif

Qing Dynasty

Size: Diameter 12.5-13cm Height 12.5cm

This hexagonal tea pot is crafted as if pine and bamboo were slowly growing over the pot. Rustic tea pots were popular during the mid to late Qing dynasty, influenced by the baroque flavor of the court and the literati culture that continued to inspire many scholars. No mark is found on the pot and the lid of the pot has a chip on the interior area.

Guangxu Mark Dragon Motif Ceramic Container
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Dragon Motif Ceramic Covered Container

Guangxu Era or Later

Size: Diameter 7.5cm Height 6.5cm

An interesting covered container with a dragon motif embossed on the top area of the lid. The bottom contains a Gaungxu Era Mark. There is a hairline crack on the bottom of the piece.

Chinese Jade Dragon Head Handle Cup
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Chinese Jade Cup with Dragon Head Motif as the Handle

Ming Dynasty or Later

Size: Diameter 3.75" Height 2"

This finely crafted cup with the lip and foot done at the right lengths and angles are appealing. The handle of the cup is formed with the head of the dragon biting onto the bottom section of the handle.

Antique Chinese Brass and Jade Container
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Brass and Jade Covered Container

19th-20th century

Size: Length 4" Width 3.5" Height 2.6"

A wish fulfilling jewel shaped container with lotuses and scrolling vines embossed around its body. The cover has a white jade carving plaque placed on the top. Often containers such as these were used from ritual ceremonies to the simple enjoyment of the scholar's studio. Not much is known what their specific purposes were but one could contemplate that these may have held incense or other precious... Click for details

Qing Period Polychrome Bowl
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Polychrome Porcelain Bowl

Kangxi Period or Later

Size: Diameter 14cm Height 8 cm

The Kangxi Period is an interesting period for Chinese ceramics. The kilns both imperial and commoner were producing wares for the foreign market and while the Qing court of trying to formalize and establish the kilns back into their original status, many imperial kilns were producing work, known as transition wares. This bowl was thought to be produced during the period in the Kangxi era when the court was... Click for details

Chinese Celadon Bowl
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Chinese Celadon Bowl

Yuan Dynasty or Later

Height 4cm Diameter (approx.) 6-7cm

The culture of celadon wares in China is as long as the history of ceramics production. The art was refined in the Song period and by the Yuan dynasty, the craft evolved into other branches such as white wares and different hues of celadons. This small bowl is done in the color often seen during the Yuan dynasty onwards. The simple curvatures and glazes is appealing.

Chinese Malachite Mythical Beast Carving
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Malachite Carving of Mythical Beast

20th century

Size: Length 4.25" Width 2" Height 0.6"

An interesting malachite carving of a mythical beast. The beast is done in the classic archaic style inspired from Shang and Ying dynasty bronzes. The humorous expression seen in the beast is rather appealing. The sculpture comes with a wooden stand.

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