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Italian Estate Ming to Qing Dynasty Celadon Plate
Inquire   item #1264002

Celadon Plate with Scrolling Cloud Motif

Ming Dynasty-Early Qing

Size: Diameter 22cm Height 3.9cm

Auctioned in Tokyo around 1982

This celadon dish was formerly part of a noted Italian collection which was exhibited in Japan in 1982. The De Bedin Collection was formed by two generations of the family which began when the collector's father was the ambassador to China during the 1912-1926 period.

Edo Period Bizen Ware Flower Container
Inquire   item #1264002

Bizen Ware Flower Container

Late Edo Period

Size: Diameter 8.5 Height 22 cm

Note: From a prominent Japanese collection based in San Francisco

Bizen wares began as far as the early history of Japanese ceramics. Utilitarian in its origin, Sen no Rikyu took favor of the simple, unglazed, natural look of Bizen and used the wares with tea jars and water containers. This flower container would be perfect for a tea gathering or to decorate the alcove or a minimalist setting.

Meiji Period Loquat Nabeshima Ware Plate
Inquire   item #1263396

Nabeshima Plate With Loquat Motif

Meiji Period

Size: Diameter 19.5 Height 5.3 cm

Nabeshima wares are influenced from the porcelain production of Imari, Arita, Hazama, and related regions. Nabeshima is the clan name of the region which is present day Saga and Nagasaki Prefectures. During the Edo Period, the Nabeshima wares were thought to have been presented to the Shogunate when the lords of Nabeshima would travel to Edo during the sankinkotai or the required travels by lords to Edo.... Click for details

Qing Dynasty Blue and White Bowl
Inquire   item #1263395

Chinese Blue and White (Qinghua) Bowl

Late Qing Dynasty

Size: Diameter 19.3 Height 9.3 cm

From the Christie's auction of the Nanking Cargo

An interesting blue and white bowl decorated with a literati style landscape painting motif on the side. The bowl, according to the sticker found below, came from an auction of the Nanking Cargo held in 1986.

Chinese Porcelain Vase with Motifs of Reeds and Geese
Inquire   item #1263394

Porcelain Vase with Reeds and Geese

Late Qing to Republic Period

Size: Height 23cm

This porcelain vase contains a Qianlong reign mark on the bottom, but may have been produced later during the Qing dynasty. The vase is rather interesting from various perspectives. The motif is something preferred by the elite literati class who knew the classics and this view would be in reference to poetic works by Wang Xizhi and other notable scholar officials. From the Japanese perspective, there are... Click for details

Antique Chinese Jade Belt Buckle
Inquire   item #1263390

Jade Dragon Head Belt Buckle

Qing Dynasty

Size: Length8cm Width 1.6cm Height 2.2cm

The belt buckle design first appears around the late Song Dynasty. The Inner Mongolia Museum has an example of a early Yuan dynasty version of the Dragon head belt buckle with the silk cord used to wear the piece.

This piece is using a traditional type of Jade that was often preferred since many archaic jades used this similar type. The dragon head is finely crafted with the mouth and teeth expressed... Click for details

Pair of Chinese Jade Bangles
Inquire   item #1263275

Pair of Jade Bangles

Late Qing to Republic Period

Size: General Size Overall: Inner diameter 6.5cm Outer 8.4cm

This pair of Jade bangles, unlike the common bangle which is generally consistent in color, this pair of bangle contains a flash of a reddish color, which is rather uncommon in Jade. Often lavender or white colors are often seen along with the common green color Jade is often associated.

Shao Dynasty Style Bronze Bell
Inquire   item #1263271

Shao Dynasty Style Bell

Ming Dynasty or Later

Height 20 Width 10 cm

The bronze bells, often seen in Chinese orchestras, began during the Shao dynasty almost 3,000 years ago. The bells in paintings are often associated with Confucius and noted thinkers in China ancient past. Especially with Confucius, in reference to social harmony found in the Analects.

This bronze bell contains continuous geometric and line motifs along with decorations often seen with such bells.

Yuan Dynasty Junyao Ware Bowl
Inquire   item #1263270

Junyao Ware Bowl

Yuan Dynasty or Later

Size: Diameter 18.5cm

Junyao, famous for the sky blue color with hints or flash of raspberry colors surrounding the edge or on areas of the bowl. This bowl comes from a noted San Francisco estate who collected fine Chinese antiques.

Chinese Porcelain Snuff Bottle
Inquire   item #1263269

Porcelain Snuff Bottle

Late Qing to Republic Period

Size: Height 7.5cm Diameter 4.5cm

Porcelain, an interesting medium with a simulacra constantly evolving in Chinese art during the mid to late Qing Dynasty. This snuff bottle is done in glass emulating porcelain or fencai porcelain. Interestingly, the lid is using a jade-like material and the color was popular at the time during the late Qing up to the Republic period.

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