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Pair of Jade Earrings
Inquire   item #1337401

Pair of Chinese Jade earrings

20th century

Size of Jade: 1cm Diameter

Please see photographs and if there are questions, please do ask.

Chinese Lapis Carving of the Buddha
$2500   item #1337401

Lapis Lazuli Carving of a Seated Buddha

20th century

Size:To Come

Chinese Jade Plaque with Silver Mount
$3,900   item #1337203

Chinese Jade Plaque

Ming Dynasty

Height 7.5cm Width 12cm

From a California Collection of Chinese Antiques

Chinese Jade Ring with Documentation
Inquire   item #1337169

Chinese Jade Ring with Test Results

Early 20th century

Size: Please check document for size of the stone and other information.

Qing Dynasty Hardstone Carving of a Fish Vase
$2600   item #1337168

Hardstone Carving of Vase in the Form of a Fish

Qing Dynasty

Size:Height 13cm Width 8cm

From an estate in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Otsu-e Oni Nenbutsu by Utagawa Harumitsu
$800   item #1335188

Otsu-e, Oni and Nenbutsu

Utagawa Harumitsu (active 20th century)

Size:Length 26.4cm Height 19.6cm

From a collection of prints in Osaka Japan.

Utagawa Harumitsu follows in the same lineage as Kuniyoshi and Hiroshige where the depiction of commmon landscapes and imagery were essential for the people of Edo Japan, centered in the feudal and imperial capitals. This work is based on a famous image often done in the style known as Otsu-e which became popular during the Edo period (1610-1868).... Click for details

Blue and White Vietnamese Style Tea Bowl
$50   item #1334649

Anan-te, Blue White Vietnamese Style Tea Bowl


20th century

Size:Diameter 11.8cm Height7.8cm

Vietnamese Style Summer Tea Bowl by Furoen
$55   item #1334642

Anan-te, Vietnamese Style Zeze ware Tea Bowl Hira Chawan (Summer)


Late 20th century

Size: Diameter 15.2cm Height 6cm

Tamba Ware Uzukumaru Vase by Ichino Shozo
$600   item #1334638

Tamba Ware Hanging Vase

Ichino Shozo

Size: Diameter 9cm Height 10.4cm

Ichino Shozo, is an artist working in Tamba in the Tachikui region. Known for making vases and water jars used for tea, he received recognition for his work in 1979 by the government of Japan, the beginning processes for artists to reach the living national treasure status.

No box accompanies the work.

Edo Period Embossed Seto Sake Bottle
$1000   item #1334605

Embossed Hexagonal Sake Bottle of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, Seto Ware

Edo Period, c. 18th century or later

Size: Length 17cm Width 15cm Height 24cm

From the Sargent collection of East Asian Ceramics, Los Angeles.

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