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Republic Period Small Yixing Tea Pot
Inquire   item #1258078

Yixing Tea Pot

Republic Period

Signed on the bottom with the name Yigong

Size: Diameter 10cm Height 5.5cm

Yixing, the famous clay made into the distinct tea pots that Chinese tea connoisseurs have enjoyed for nearly half a millennia. This tea pot is done in the standard style seen in Yixing tea pots.

Condition: The piece has no chips, cracks, or other damages.

Literati Painting of Wang Xizhi At His Study
Inquire   item #1258078

Wang Xizhi at His Study

Signature reads Hokkai

Meiji Period

Size: Length 181 cm Width 41cm

Wang Xizhi, the sage of calligraphy and wearing his signature hat is sitting at his study while staring at geese floating on a lake or pond. This view is based on a famous poem that Wang Xizhi wrote how he yearns to be the geese flying in the distance. Other portraits show the poet carrying a geese, where painters tried to grasp at the heart of Wang Xizhi's poems and express them visually.

Chinese Oxblood Bowl with Yongzheng Mark
Sold; Thank you. Jiangxi Province, China   item #1257645

Chinese Oxblood Bowl

Late Qing Period or Republic

Size: Diameter 9.5cm Height 4cm

The bowl contains a Yongzheng Period Mark on the bottom. However, the piece was made much later during the Late Qing to Republic Period. Oxblood glazes were popular starting with the monochrome glazes seen in the preceding dynasties prior to the Qing. By the late 17th century, new technologies and chemicals broaden the spectrum of porcelain arts that monochrome glazes became part of this trend.

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Chinese Jade Carving of a Branch with Fruit
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Chinese Jade Carving of a Fruit on a Branch

19th-20th century

Size: 4.8 x 4.5 cm

A rather interesting jade carving of a fruit with a branch from its tree ( or bush). Carvings from still life or nature has been popular in China, but production and craft in Jade increased during the succeeding years of the late Ming up to fall of the Qing Dynasty in early 20th century.

Antique Chinese Small Agate Carving
Sold; Thank you   item #1257643

Agate Carving of An Eggplant or Gourd

19th-20th century

Size: 5.5 x 2 cm

Agate carvings of vegetables are not unusual, but contemplating on the form of the eggplant is an usual one. Eggplants have been in Asia since prehistoric times. However, rarely was the plant depicted in art. By the Qing dynasty, unusual depictions of different animals and plants began to appear and may have been influenced from cultures of neighboring nations or ethnic groups.

Antique Chinese Jade Belt Buckle
Sold; Thank you   item #1257642

Chinese Jade Belt Buckle Carving

Qing Period or Later

Size: Length 6.7cm Width 4.2cm

Unlike the traditional auspicious motifs or dragons seen in belt buckles, this pieces has fish carved on its surface. The different gradations are set well to work with the details of the buckle. Fish are an auspicious motif, but are often seen in paintings, certain metalworks, wood, and other materials, not often in belt buckles. The piece comes from a Pebble Beach, CA estate.

Antique Chinese Jade Carving of Mythical Beast
Sold; Thank You   item #1257640

Chinese Jade Carving of a Mythical Beast

Ming Dynasty or Later

Size: 5cm x 3.8cm

A small lozenge shaped Jade carving with a mythical beast carved on the surface of the jade. The style is similar to those seen during the mid to late Ming Dynasty.

Antique Chinese Hardstone Carving
Sold; Thank you   item #1257628

Archaic Mythical Beast Jade or Hardstone Carving

Age: Ming or Qing Dynasty

Size: Length 7cm Width 4cm Height 5.8cm

An interesting yet common literati style hard stone carving of a young boy riding a bull. The motif is popular among Daoist and Ch'an circles where it represents the harmony of nature or the process of enlightenment.

Chinese Agate Han Style Wine Cup
Sale Pending   item #1257626

Agate Han Style Wine Cup

19th century to 20th century

Size: Length 13cm Width 12.5cm Height 3cm

Originally, this form of shallow dish was produced during the Han dynasty. The Mawangdui excavations showed that the lacquer ware used were the oblong oval shaped dishes to serve wine. This piece is emulating that form using agate.

Green and Lavender Jade Belt Buckle
Inquire   item #1257624

Green and Lavender Jade Belt Buckle

19th-20th century

Size: Length 10cm Width 2cm Height 1.5cm

An interesting belt buckle with a blend of green and lavender jade. The buckle's head is formed as the head of the dragon and the body in the form of the ruyi. It is interesting that this buckle is done in the blend of green and lavender, where often these buckles are done in the refined colors.

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