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Welcome to Shippodo: Kakejiku (Japanese Hanging Scroll) Dealer

Shippodo was founded with the goal of providing the world unique, interesting, or beautiful Japanese paintings and provide information about the appeal that Japanese hanging scrolls have and their use in the modern home. For nearly 500 years Japanese hanging scrolls have defined the interior decoration of a Japanese home. However, with modern architecture and interior design, the hanging scroll has become endangered of being lost as a relic of Japan's past. We at Shippodo hope to revive the tradition of the Japanese hanging scroll and be able to use this traditional element of interior decoration into the modern home. Shippodo will also be dealing with various Japanese antiques not just hanging scrolls to provide customers a wide range of items to choose from. Shippodo also offers various Japanese tea ware and ceramics for individuals who wish to practice or do Japanese tea using authentic tools from Japan.

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